Bold. Dapper. Distinctive.

Ruth Nathan’s is a purveyor of fine bow ties, pocket squares, and lapel flowers made for the Urban Peacock. 

ur·ban pea·cock /ˈərbən pēˌkäk/ noun 

A discerning, stylish individual who dresses from conviction rather than compulsion. 

We give our customers an outlet for self-expression through the use of exclusive, custom-designed colors, patterns, and textures for a truly unrivaled look.  

What makes our products special?

  • Premium fabrics

  • Authentic self-tie style 

  • Hand-made (not mass produced)

We are the only neckwear company in Harlem that creates its own limited-edition printed fashion neckwear and accessories and cater to individuals worldwide who wish to cultivate a reputation for well-curated style. 

In an era of "every day is Casual Friday," Ruth Nathan’s makes you bold, dapper, and distinctive. 

Raise your expectations and