Ruth and Nathan: Nicole's Grandparents.

Ruth and Nathan: Nicole's Grandparents.


The reasons that we’re here... 

Nicole R. Brown, the Chief Creator of Ruth Nathan’s, is a “youngish” black female who has a passionate love affair with all things gentlemanly, stately, swanky and dandy. Her odd fascination with a well dressed man propels her passion for creating this brand. It kind of makes her the “odd man out” in a world of mostly male designers, but she likes that about herself. It’s just great to see man in an outfit that is well put together, that makes him walk around with pride. Like a peacock. An Urban Peacock to be more exact.  

What’s in a name?

Ruth and Nathan are Nicole’s maternal grandparents from Greenville, Mississippi. Grandpa Nathan was a tailor and this brand pays homage to those roots. Nathan was quite the dapper gentleman and his wardrobe was out shined only by his faith and character.

How we keep our promise...

Every time our customer wears a bow tie or pocket square from us we guarantee they will be complimented or flirted with because of their style choices. Ruth Nathan's is the only neckwear company in Harlem that creates it's own unique, in-house, limited edition fabrics for well dressed creative professionals. We cater to those men in urban cities worldwide who want to gain respect due to their well curated accessories choices. We help them stand out in an era of "everyday is Casual Friday." Ruth Nathan’s: fresh. bold. clever ;-)